WINNER MV/Song Review: “Really Really” & “Fool”

2WINNER is a South Korean boyband consisting of four members: Jinwoo, Mino, Seunghoon, and Seungyoon. This is their first return to music after previous member, Taehyun, left the group last year. With their new single album, Fate Number For, they prove that they are still going strong despite the change in lineup.  Their two new songs include:

Really Really

It’s ironic that Winner’s brightest, most summery, and party pleasing single was given a colorless video. The aerial shots of members adorned in black while moving against white cement were aesthetic, but I would have liked a more vibrant experience. I think that also could have helped the video’s replay value. Visuals aside, “Really Really” is a perfect song leading into the warmer weather. It’s tropical beat and catchy hook would fit right at home on current American radio. The only part that made me say “Friend, there was no need” toward the producer was during Seungyoon’s elongated/robotic note that proceeded the second chorus. Otherwise this song makes me feel ready for sunshine and fruity drinks. Let’s do this, summer!



Onto “Fool.” This is my preferred song of the two singles. The video is dripping with symbolism and its interpretation is down to the eye of the beholder. I believe the members are  being haunted by the past. Their lurking memories are ones they have to deal with. That requires them facing themselves and the things they have done and felt. An experience which can be surprising, difficult, and horrifying. The quality of the visuals are beautiful. Some eerie shots should have American Horror Story fans applauding. I think it’s a good video for an even better song.  Unlike “Really Really” this song burrows deeper. “Fool” leaves an emotional impression while still being laid back. It is one of my favorite kpop tracks released this year.


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