Camila Cabello MV/Song Review: “Crying in the Club” & “I Have Questions”

Camila Cabello debuted with her first track since leaving Fifth Harmony entitled “Crying in the Club.” Prominent names such as Benny Blanco and Sia, whose influence is easily heard, helped her complete the song which Cabello also helped to write. A solo artist making their debut is no easy feat. To the general public she is not someone who just came out of a girl group. As much as I love Fifth Harmony I would not consider them to be household names yet despite multiple hit songs. So to most, Cabello is simply another solo female artist in a market already full of them. The question then becomes what does she have to offer? What is she going to bring to the table that will make her different than the others? After listening to “Crying in the Club” the answer remains unclear to me. I understand, from a business perspective, why they chose the path that they did. Being too different than the current pop norms would be a big risk. However, being someone new that isn’t offering anything new is also a risk. It can make her get lost in the shuffle. It is by no means a terrible song, but it also not a memorable one to me. The best part is the sampling of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle” which can be heard in the chorus. Without it the song would have fallen flat. The video is beautiful, dark, and fits the song, but again it is nothing memorable to me. I think she has much more and better to offer. My favorite part of the video was the beginning which involves a completely different song entitled “I Have Questions.”

Amazing vulnerable vocals and lyrics. This song is leagues better than “Crying in the Club.” I could have done without the beat drop in the second verse. I think it masked some of that vulnerability that pulled me into the song at the start. Other than that it’s a wonderful track. Cabello’s feelings are real and raw. The whispering at the end was a great touch.


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