Recommendation Wednesday: EXID – “Night Rather Than Day”


If you’re looking for a laidback track to enjoy in the sunshine then your search is over! EXID’s “Night Rather Than Day” never really goes anywhere which is to say it doesn’t grow into some explosive ending. Despite that it stays interesting and fresh from start to finish! Grab your sunglasses and chill!


Recommendation Wednesday: “Ever Since New York” – Harry Styles

“Ever Since New York” is my personal favorite from Harry Styles’ debut album. He never tries to do too much vocally, but keeps pace with the instruments from start to finish in a fantastically soothing manner. It’s a great song for open windows and relaxation.

Recommendation Wednesday: “Carry You” – Novo Amor

Please enjoy on a sunny day. Let there be a light breeze blowing. Let it be peaceful. Let there be fruity drinks. Or not. In the middle of a crowded train station works also. Just enjoy and hopefully relax!